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Fishing for tuna – March

March Fishing Report

Hello from the Azuero Peninsula of Panama. The weather has been fantastic here during the month of March, warm but not scorching, with many pleasant days to be had out fishing. The water temperature remained in the low 70s all month and our visitors had some great luck with their catch. Fishing for tuna seemed to be the name of the game this month.

This month, we hosted three different charters. Trent, a solo angler, fished for five days and landed some incredible fish. He pulled in a large amberjack, small and large tuna, and corvina. The highlight of the trip for Trent was when he caught a Roosterfish, since he’d made the trip in hopes of catching one.

The second charter was a group of four ‘good old boys’. We teamed up with Trent’s boat and worked together to doing some fishing for tuna off of Jicaritta and Coiba Island, in hopes of landing some big ones. Teamwork helped us bring in a good catch, and we recommend working together for good results – or at least good conversation!

The third charter was a group of four Canadians. We were very lucky in our catch, landing mostly tuna again in the fishing grounds around Punta Naranjo. Everyone enjoyed their experience and will have more than one ‘fish tale’ to bring home. Don’t worry, they’re all true!

Well, that’s it for our March report. Our visitors were pleased with their haul, and spending every day in the sun on the water is invigorating for the soul. If you’d like to bring home great photographs or a trophy fish, just let us know what species you’re looking to catch, so we can help you find the best places to cast a lure. Come on down to Panama and join the fun; the weather is perfect, the water is crystal clear, and the fish, as always, are biting!

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