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Sport Fishing Panama | Gallery

When it comes to finding the best sport fishing Panama has to offer, there is no better place than El Rio Negro Lodge. Whether you’re looking to catch yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, or a Cubera Snapper, many of the world’s fiercest fish are available to catch. While some anglers will wrestle with yellowfin tuna weighing up to 200 pounds, others will drift over local reefs in search of a Cubera Snapper. Using the live bait known as coinuja, many fishermen have found great success hooking this catch-and-release fish. But no matter what type of fish you prefer, El Rio Negro Lodge is the Panama sport fishing lodge that inspires lifelong memories.

Numerous Happy Clients
What makes El Rio Negro Lodge so special is the atmosphere that people share while staying here. With stunning scenery and a relaxed environment, guests can focus on how they will tell their friends the story of landing the big one. Due to El Rio Negro’s stellar reputation, happy clients return year after year in an effort to top the previous year’s efforts. Because Panama is home to many of the world’s best big-game fish, it’s no wonder that El Rio Negro produces one happy client after another. Friends who plan annual trips always know that they will have a special experience at El Rio Negro, as do any others who make the trek to this premier Panama sport fishing lodge.

What Makes El Rio Negro So Special?
When it comes to sport fishing in Panama, El Rio Negro Lodge combines the best of everything into one great fishing experience. While fishing is naturally the top priority for those staying here, our guests enjoy many other perks as well. Wi-FiĀ isĀ available for our guests, making it easier than ever to share that picture of the one that didn’t get away. And after a long day on the beautiful waters, our fishermen can spend their evenings sitting around on a patio enjoying a BBQ or having drinks with friends at the bar. Whatever their preference may be, it’s waiting for them here at El Rio Negro.

A One-of-a-Kind Panamanian Experience
Located in Playa Reina, El Rio Negro is definitely a one-of-a-kind Panamanian experience. Known as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing, the area boasts about 10,000 residents spread out over a wide area. This makes it secluded, yet still sociable. This environment, which allows for numerous ways one can unwind, also churns out some of the best seafood in Central America. With an open kitchen, guests can sit and watch their meals being prepared by expert chefs who know exactly how to turn any meal into something truly special. With one testimonial after another from happy clients, El Rio Negro continues to offer the best Central American fishing experience available. Combining 25 years of experience with amenities found nowhere else, it’s no wonder that fishermen return year after year to a place many call a true paradise on Earth.