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Are you sitting back in your chair at your desk, gazing out the window, and daydreaming about being out on the water with a fishing rod in your hands? Do you harbor a passion for sport fishing or a desire to try it out? Ever considered taking Dad out on his dream fishing trip now that he’s retired? Have you always wanted to fish in Panama or wanted to know what that particular experience was like? Did you browse the information on our website and have questions pop into your mind that you would like answered? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, use the contact form below to send your inquiries to our Rio Negro team and get a response quickly!

If you are seeking to Fish Panama today, our team at El Rio Negro Fishing Lodge is available to help with any and all questions about fishing and related topics. We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over our years operating a Panama sport fishing lodge and we are eager to share information with other fishermen, people with an interest in fishing, and visitors who are simply curious about the subject. Panama sport fishing is our passion and we look forward to any opportunity to impart our knowledge.

We welcome questions about fishing in Panama and encourage you to contact our team for general or detailed queries. We will answer all requests for information! Sport fishing in Panama is an exciting venture and there are an endless number of questions about the area, the wildlife, the fishing, the community, the weather, and the fishermen. Panama is a fascinating slice of the world and our team is happy to paint an accurate picture to anyone interested in our home.

Conveying what it’s like to fish Panama today in black and white text doesn’t do this sport or the country of Panama justice. We live for this sport and can paint you a vivid picture of what to expect, not only from our Panama sport fishing lodge, but also from Panama as a whole. We invite you to set up a phone meeting with our team to discuss our services. We will enthusiastically answer all your questions with detailed information, and we encourage conversations rather than question and answer sessions.

Our commitment to providing the latest and most relevant information has prompted us to publish fishing reports that feature our experiences out on the water. You may contact us to receive our latest fishing report, allowing you to envision what the fishing climate is currently like down our way. If you are seriously considering a fishing trip to Panama, just batting the idea around among a friend, or only want to learn about sport fishing in Panama, we will gladly take the time to answer your questions, educate you about the sport, or satisfy your curiosity.

We enjoy hearing from anyone who visits our website, and we want nothing more than to gift you with the answers you seek from firsthand sources rather than dry resource sites that do little more than spout facts, offering no knowledge of how it feels to be out on the water. Get in touch with the Rio Negro team today with inquiries of any kind. We will happily respond to your contact inquiry with the information requested in a timely manner.

PANAMA Captain Alex Direct 011 (507) 6206-0721 — PANAMA Lodge 011 (507) 6719-0473 —  US +1 (562) 295-7175

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