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Panama Fishing Charters Fishing-Grounds-el-rio-negro-panama-fishing-tuna-coast-hannibal-banks-isla-coiba-cebaco-island-punta-mariato To ensure you have the best chances of success on your fishing charters in Panama, we rely on local talent. Our charter captains are chosen from the region’s foremost professionals. The captains of El Rio Negro Panama fishing charters are extensively trained and licensed to operate the craft in our fleet. The vessels we use for our fishing charters are fully equipped in terms of fishing, safety and navigation, and the captains we employ are licensed professionals who can expertly handle all aspects of the job. Having grown up in these parts of Panama, our captains also possess a comprehensive understanding of all the species found in the waters surrounding the Tuna Coast.

black-marlin-aguja-reef-mariato-tuna-coast-panama-fishingThe following maps give you an idea of the kinds of waters, islands and shorelines your fishing charters in Panama at El Rio Negro will encompass. Taking off from Playa Reina you will pass Isla Cebaco while headed toward Isla Jicarita, Isla Jicaron, and Isla Coiba and the notable Hannibal Banks. To the south, Punta Naranjo, Punta Mariato and the celebrated Tuna Coast.

In these waters while fishing in Panama you will routinely cross paths with Dorado, better known in seafood shops as Mahi-Mahi, Marlin and other members of the billfish family, as well as Yellowfin Tuna. At El Rio Negro Panama fishing charters we also prowl the inshore areas for species like Snook, Grouper, Cubera Snapper, Corvina, Amberjack, Roosterfish and Sierra. The great part about searching out these species is that they can be found any time of year.

Below are maps and charts of the main areas we do our Panama fishing charters. Punta Mariato, Punta Naranjo, Isla Coiba, Isla Jicarita, Isla Jicaron, Hannibal banks and Isla Cebaco.

panama fishing charters maps of recent trips
panama fishing charters map of recent trip tuna coast