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Fishing Coiba Panama | Conservation Efforts

At El Rio Negro, we realize that fishing Coiba Panama is a privilege and not a right. Overfishing will deplete our stock, endanger the environment and depress tourism. For those who want to experience the thrill of fishing Coiba in Panama, it is important that they support businesses dedicated to conservation. Creating a sustainable experience for fishing in Coiba is a Panama government priority.

At El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge, we too have made conservation a top priority. We are a proud member of the Panama Marine Resource Foundation. The foundation is a coalition of sport fishing enthusiasts, commercial fisheries, environmentalists and Panamanian citizens. It is firmly committed to sustainable fishing in Coiba and Panama fully supports the foundation’s efforts.

Environmentally responsible fishing in Coiba is in Panama’s best interests. The government supports fishing in Coiba because in Panama we believe that it is important to showcase our natural resources. At the same time, we realize that we must prevent overfishing. As such, the government has carefully drafted a comprehensive set of marine fishery laws to allow fishing Coiba Panama while preserving fishing stock for both tourism and commercial purposes.

We are involved in extensive consultations with representatives from A.R.A.P. (Autoridad deRecursos Acuáticos de Panamá) and A.N.A.M. (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente). We and other operators of fishing in Coiba have Panama government approval to develop guidelines that create a sustainable fishing tourism industry.

Participating businesses are now preparing an agreement that will allow fishing in Coiba and in Panama generally while preserving the environment. The main points of the agreement are as follows:

1- All fishing in Coiba and in Panama must follow a strict policy of hook and release of all marlin, sailfish, rooster fish, grouper and Cubera snapper (Pargo).

2- For all consumable fish, there will be a daily limit for each fisherman. Species subject to this limit include Dorado, tuna, mullet snapper, wahoo and triple tail.

3- Certain species will be subject to a size limit.

4- The Panama Marine Resource Foundation will provide officials at both A.R.A.P. and A.N.A.M. a strategic plan to establish the role and intention for the sport fishing industry. That plan, along with a companion plan by the commercial fishing industry, will be submitted to the government.

5- We will cooperate with governmental agencies to enforce the law and report violations.

6- We will support research and development to determine how to improve the fishery so that fishing Coiba Panama may continue and thrive.

7– We will protect and provide for a sustainable marine environment.

El Rio Negro Lodge has already begun to implement these recommendations. We have instructed our captains that if they see any illegal long liners or netters they should document the activity and contact the lodge. We will then report the illegal activity to A.N.A.M.

We invite sport fishers to partake in the acclaimed experience of fishing in Coiba while in Panama. With our guidelines in place, you can have an outstanding fishing vacation while also having a gentle impact on the environment.