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Fishing Central America | Republic of Panama

 fishing central america grouper-deep-sea-fishing-packages-panamaIf you are looking for some of the best sport fishing available anywhere in the world, you will want to choose Panama in Central America. Fishing here has come to be recognized around the world as one of the best experiences of its sort anywhere.

The reason that the fish are so plentiful because of the numerous sea mounds and banks that rise from 1,000 meters to fewer than 40 meters. These natural formations force the fish to rise closer to the surface, making the experience so rewarding for those who select fishing Central America coastal areas for their ultimate vacation trip.
The species available to those who are fishing central America waters includes yellow-fin tuna, black marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, Pacific sailfish, wahoo, amber-jack, cubera snapper, rooster fish and dorado. Those who wish to target one of these species when fishing in Central America we will tailor our fishing techniques to do so. We use trolling, popping, jigging or live bait, whichever works best for the fish the guest is looking to catch. You will find excellent weather conditions for fishing in Central America, with consistent temperatures year-round, ranging from 90 degrees during the day to 70 degrees in the evening.
Best place to stay
cebaco-bay-amber-jack-tuna-coast-panamaThe best place to stay if you are going fishing in Central America is El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge, which offers the best facilities for fishing in Panama, whether you are a dedicated enthusiast or simply out to have some fun with a rod. The lodge is based a short distance away from islands famous for fishing in Panama, such as Isla Cebaco, Isla Coiba, Hannibal banks and Punta Naranjo.Let us know what species you want to target and we will provide you with customized multi-day fishing charters that are geared to your choices. We cater to all the different techniques and big game fishing in Central America waters, whether the guest prefers inshore or offshore fishing.
Our fleet is first-class
When you go fishing in Central America with us, you can be sure you are in capable hands. Our three first-class custom-built sport fishing boats are designed specifically to give you the ultimate fishing experience when fishing Central America waters. Outfitted with 2014 Yamaha and Suzuki outboard motors, they offer comfortable seating and fold-out chairs. Ranging from 26 feet to 35 feet in length, they are V-hulls with center controls and T-tops that are designed with an extra-shallow draft so they can move up and down the Rio Negro River. All are outfitted with 150-gallon live wells and custom tuna tubes.In addition, each boat has a licensed local captain and a local first mate, both of whom have extensive knowledge of conventional deep-sea sport fishing. These experienced guides ensure you will have the most successful sport fishing results when fishing with us.

Our boats also are equipped with the latest in sonar, satellite telephones and first-aid kits and safety gear. You will also find the gear you need aboard, including Shimano-built reels, custom rods and Penn spinning gear as well as a wide choice of lures, including poppers, jigs and lipped lures. For refreshment, the boats are loaded with national beers, water, sodas, lunches and snacks.
Enjoy our lodge when fishing in Central America
snapper-cebaco-bay-tuna-coast-panama-mariatoWhen you are fishing in Central America, your visit would not be complete without enjoying everything that our lodge has to offer. The lodge provides a true outdoor-indoor feel to give you that real Panamanian experience. Located in Playa Reina, in the district of Mariato, it is situated near the Black River (Rio Negro) and is also close to Queens Beach. Although the original rustic style of the lodge remains, many modern amenities have been added.We allow only eight guests at a time. For that reason, you will enjoy a private boutique atmosphere in the lodge. Our double-occupancy rooms each feature two queen-size beds with a private bathroom. We provide access to wi-fi. After a long day fishing, you can relax in the lounge, which is air-conditioned, with a full open bar, or you can choose to sit outside on the patio, near the barbecue or lounging on the Moroccan-style couch.Our meals always include local fish and seafood that often includes sushi that features the day’s catch. Based on seasonal ingredients, the food has a home-style flair. You can also enjoy playing cards at our custom-made poker game table.

Our packages enable you to enjoy everything that is great about fishing Central America waters by including everything you need for your trip: lodging, fishing, eating and drinking.