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Accommodations | Sport Fishing Central America

When it comes to sport fishing in Central America, anglers across the world agree there is no better place than El Rio Negro Lodge in Panama. Located in Playa Reina, the lodge has been completely renovated to capture the rustic style of the area, and it has many modern amenities for guests. The lodge allows only eight guests at a time, so visitors can experience world-class fishing while also enjoying the privacy everyone craves during a vacation. With its double-occupancy rooms, which include large private bathrooms and Queen-size beds, guests can return after a long and exciting day of fishing to relax and unwind. The lodge is also happy to provide free Wi-Fi to guests, as well as iPads and computers to let them share pictures and stories of their special catch of the day. And to make the day complete, after bragging about the one that didn’t get away, a tired fisherman can enjoy an evening sitting on the patio, enjoying a BBQ, or relaxing on the beautiful and comfortable Moroccan couch near the bar.

sport fishing central america panama sushi bar playa reina torio hotel fish beach mariatoA One-Of-A-Kind Experience
What has made El Rio Negro Lodge a truly one-of-a-kind experience for fishermen around the world is the variety of fish available in the nearby waters. Whether it’s a blue or black marlin or yellowfin tuna, fishermen are able to make great catches while creating memories to last a lifetime. Sport fishing Central America style provides hours of excitement and challenges unlike any other place in the world. For those anglers who have been looking for a place that provides an authentic Latin feel, El Rio Negro Lodge is the destination they have been seeking for sport fishing in Central America. The Cantina, offering an indoor/outdoor feel for all Panama has to offer, gives guests numerous opportunities to enjoy the culture of Central America. Whether they are interacting with friends, fellow guests, or the extremely courteous and cordial staff, an evening spent in the Cantina can be unforgettable. Guests can choose from watching TV, relaxing with others while having a cool drink, or even taking in the action at the open kitchen which faces the bar. Many of the lodge’s dishes are made with seasonal ingredients and using local fish, and guests can watch their meals being prepared right before their eyes. And as an added treat, guests can often enjoy sushi that features the sport fishing Central America catch of the day. After dinner, the day can be completed by sitting down at one of the lodge’s custom-designed game tables for a friendly game of poker. Whatever a guest wants, El Rio Negro Lodge can make sport fishing in Central America a vacation that combines the comforts of home with the unique aspects only Panama can offer.

The Ultimate Vacation Destination
With more than 20 years of experience providing guests with the best sport fishing Central America has to offer, there’s no doubt El Rio Negro Lodge has been and continues to be the ultimate vacation destination for fishermen all over the world. Because the lodge is located in Playa Reina, guests can not only catch some of the world’s most exotic fish, but they can also do so in an environment of peace and tranquility. The area of Playa Reina, which has less than 100 residents, offers guests of the lodge the chance to enjoy quiet time with friends and family while also giving them a chance to get to know local residents and their customs. Because the lodge itself is located in the district seat of Mariato, it has gained a worldwide reputation for being home to all the sport fishing Central America has to offer. With its proximity to Coiba and Cerro Hoya Park, El Rio Negro Lodge is a tourist destination that fishermen around the globe have on their list of must-see places.

sport fishing central america playa reina mariato veraguas panama hotelCome Experience El Rio Negro Lodge
With its friendly staff, beautiful blue waters full of fierce and exciting fish, and numerous amenities, El Rio Negro Lodge can provide the kind of sport fishing Central America experience that keeps the best anglers coming back year after year. Whether they have spent hours wrestling with a 200-pound yellowfin tuna or using all their experience to land a blue marlin, fishermen have nothing but great things to say about El Rio Negro Lodge. It offers a welcome alternative to the corporate resorts found around the world, and the lodge strives to ensure each and every guest has a stay that is personal, fun, and different from any vacation they have ever experienced. Using fishing guides that know the local waters better than anyone, both novice and experienced fishermen are guaranteed to find something exciting on the other end of their reel. If getting the catch of a lifetime is on a person’s bucket list, booking a stay at El Rio Negro Lodge is a must. Hailed by many guests as paradise on Earth, it’s a spot where those who visit never wish to leave.