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What Our Typical Panama Fishing Trips are Like?

What Our Typical Panama Fishing Trips are Like at El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge?

While there are many places on Earth to go fishing, some places offer once-in-a-lifetime trips. For adventurous anglers who find their way to El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge, they’ll find this and much more. As the premier Panama sport fishing lodge, we make sure each guest experiences fishing in Panama on a level they never imagined. Crystal-blue waters, beautiful weather, and an endless array of fish, create an atmosphere that’s second-to-none. If all this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. So if you’re ready to find out for yourself what a true fishing paradise looks like, here’s what our typical Panama fishing trips to El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge will be like for you and your fellow anglers.

About the Lodge

For men and women looking for one of the best Panama fishing trips available, El Rio Negro is the perfect spot. Located in Playa Reina, our rustic lodge has been housing anglers for more than 25 years, giving it a feel unlike any other spot in Central America. Rather than become a large commercial style lodge that is unable to provide high levels of client satisfaction, we have chosen to remain small, emphasising quality over quantity. Because of this, we accommodate only eight guests at a time, which allows our guests to have a truly unique experience. Although the lodge has remained rustic it does have all modern conveniences of the world, such as WiFi ,a/c, hot water, Tv and a generator in case the power goes out.

Local Panamanian Cuisine

After a great day of fishing, there’s nothing like sitting down to a great meal. Here at El Rio Negro, our guests can enjoy a variety of local dishes made with seasonal ingredients and local fish. And with an open kitchen, guests can actually watch their meals being prepared right before their eyes. And of course, El Rio Negro guests always have to sample our world-class sushi, which always features the local catch of the day.

A Typical Day At Sea

With charter packages tailored to the size of the group, how long they’re staying with us, and the type of fish they’re wanting to catch, each trip offshore is planned specific for the group and averages 10 hours on the water. Typically, we have four to eight angels per group, fishing on our well-equipped 33-foot centre console boats, complete with a captain and mate. With a typical excursion to our lodge being four nights, guests are guaranteed three full days of fishing. We fish both inshore and offshore, giving our guests the chance to enjoy such areas as Azuero Peninsula, Cebaco Island, Hannibal Banks, Isla Coiba, and the famous waters of Coiba National Park. But of course, no trip is complete without our guests being able to talk about the big one they landed on the Tuna Coast, since that’s what we’re famous for among anglers across the world.

Charter Packages

Having had thousands of guests over our more than 20 years of being in business, we here at El Rio Negro have created charter packages that cater to our guests in every possible way. With each trip being all-inclusive, guests can expect to have a variety of amenities available to them. These include world-class fishing equipment, twin-engine boats, captains and mates with more than 20 years of experience each, three full meals each day, and perhaps best of all up up to 10 hours on the water daily, allowing them plenty of time to land one fish after another. And if you’re fishing in Panama with us at El Rio Negro, we definitely give you the best in equipment. Whether you want Shimano reels, Fuji rods, Butterfly jigs, or plenty of live bait and DUO lures, you’ll have this and more at your fingertips when you’re on the waters with us. And did I mentioned all alcohol is included in the rate.

What Can I Catch?

Since we are not a hotel open to the public and only have a limited number of guests at any time, we have been able to essentially custom-design the fishing experience for each of our group. Because of this, we can take our guests to the spots where we know they will have success. And on our trips, the sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of fish that can be caught. Yellow-fin tuna, along with blue or black marlin, Pacific sailfish, wahoo, cubera snapper, dorado, and much more can be yours here in Panama.

Experience El Rio Negro for Yourself

If you’re ready to experience one of the best Panama fishing trips anywhere, make plans to spend some time with us here at El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge. From the great accommodations to the food and of course the fishing, there’s nothing else like it on planet Earth. To find out more or schedule a trip, give us a call at +1(562) 295-7175 if you’re calling from the United States. Or if you prefer, visit our website and fill out our online contact form. By doing so, you and your guests will be well on your way to experiencing fishing that’s out of this world.

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