dorado caught near cebaco island while on tours in panama

October – September Panama fishing lodge Report

September-October Fishing Report

When it came to fishing in Panama during September and October, our guests had to have their rain gear at the ready, since it was the rainy season or the “green Season”. As a result, it was one scattered shower after another, with the wind being onshore most of the time. However, here in the Azuero Peninsula and off the Tuna Coast, the good news was that the water temperature stayed around 82 degrees, making it perfect for our guests who were eager to catch tuna, dorado and amberjack. But despite the rainy conditions, those who were here at El Rio Negro Sportfishing lodge had plenty of great days fishing in the rain. As the premier Panama fishing lodge, anglers who visit know that no matter the weather, we’ll make sure their trip is a great one.

Good Luck on the Tuna Coast and Elsewhere

Even though it was a bit wet, that didn’t seem to bother the fish. While we did only a handful of trips during these months, each one went very well. Whether we were near Coiba Island, Cebaco Island, or the Tuna Coast, we had plenty of good luck landing amberjack and cubera snapper. Because of this, most of our guests had plenty of great fish filets to take back with them to the United States, and also got a chance to eat lots of tasty fish while here at our Panama fishing lodge.

Finicky Fish

While our fishermen had plenty of good luck during their trips, it was sometimes a struggle to get the fish to take the bait. For example, when trying to land large or small tuna, we had to try many different types of lures before enticing them to cooperate. Whether it was poppers, jerk baits, or swim baits, many of the tuna we encountered were determined to make it a true challenge for our anglers. However, with a little patience and determination, our guests won out in the end, landing both large and small tuna on each trip.

Great Fishing at Panama Fishing Lodge

Despite the wet weather we encountered during September and October, our guests nevertheless had plenty of fun and excitement on their trips. Spending the day with old friends, along with making plenty of new ones, resulted in plenty of smiles and handshakes when someone landed the “big one” they were hoping for during the day. Whether it was having success near Coiba Island or in the Azuero Peninsula, guests of El Rio Negro were very happy when arriving home after bending a few rods.. If you’re ready to experience Panama fishing at its finest, book a trip to El Rio Negro, and experience a Panama fishing lodge that’s unlike any other.

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